Building and funding the next generation of industry-defining technology businesses.

Proven Process

We greenlight businesses through a rigorous, structured and systematic process

  • Industry value-chain mapping and analysis
  • Customer value-lever identification
  • Technology value-lever exploration
  • Unit economic analysis
  • Incumbent teardowns
  • Supporting CEOs on their ramp to the concept
  • Executive team capability mapping and assessment
  • Product “wedge” definition
  • Customer targeting and acquisition
  • Tracking progress against key bets
  • Unit economic assessment and strategy
  • Analyzing the customer funnel
  • Fundraising expertise
  • Business development support
  • Customer value-creation analysis
  • Human-centered ethnographic research
  • Journey mapping
  • Behavioral research
  • Pain point identification
  • Value proposition exploration
  • Prototype testing
  • Product “wedge” strategy
  • Brand story and marketing strategy
  • Feature prioritization and roadmapping
  • Messaging development and testing
  • Onboarding CEOs
  • Product and brand launch
  • “Squint” product strategy
  • Initial customer feedback synthesis
  • Marketing, advertising, content strategy support
  • New product/service exploration
  • Develop ideal candidate profile
  • Depth assessment of candidate pool
  • Relationship building with potential employees
  • Hire Operator-in-Residence for the concept
  • Connection with industry experts
  • Ownership of CEO search
  • Partnership with executive search firms
  • Extensive CEO hiring process: evaluation, education, selling and closing
  • Alignment-building on CEO’s goals and priorities
  • Org design planning
  • Support CEO’s key searches and initiatives
  • Executive leadership team buildout
  • Continued evaluation and refinement of org design
  • Relationship building with key advisors
  • Benchmarking of hires based on portfolio
  • Concept refinement through JXP’s industry network
  • Identification of potential business partners
  • Exploration of capital sources and needs
  • Mapping of "must have" and "transformative" partnerships
  • Development of key advisor wishlist 
  • Collaboration with top industry advisors
  • Relationships with anchor businesses
  • Enterprise-level planning and goal-setting playbook
  • Integration with Juxtapose CEO Council and Advisory Network
  • Continued validation of “wedge” model and approach
  • Communications strategy
  • Formal relationships with advisors and independent board members
  • Joint milestone setting and execution on fundraising
  • FP&A, KPI, and Board-communication templates
  • Support in developing key strategic relationships
[ 01 ]

The least linear and most generative phase of the Juxtapose creation process. Observations sourced from the entire team are cultivated and filtered for their attractiveness and feasibility. Our diligence includes commercial analyses, user research, prototyping, and garnering expertise from our deep network of industry leaders and from our portfolio. Progressing through our funnel may take years, and often leverages prior work and research dating back to the firm’s inception.

[ 02 ]

Greenlighting a concept is a key milestone in our creation process. At this point, we have touched bottom on both commercial and user-centric questions that validate both the short-term (wedge) and longer-term (squint) theses for a business opportunity. We have honed in on the exact profile for the best entrepreneurial operator to partner with as founding CEO, and now begin work accelerating key wedge aspects of the business.

[ 03 ]

This phase begins after our founding CEO has officially been onboarded, and is the beginning of our deep partnership with the leader and their founding team. Given the select number of companies we work on per fund, our entire team and partnership is deeply vested in the success of every company, supporting every element of the business launch from hiring and team strategy to capital raising, initial customers, and board priorities.


The modality of our work depends on the nature of the opportunity

Heritage Builds

Our heritage builds follow our traditional end-to-end diligence and investment process, and after greenlight are launched in partnership with the exact right founding CEO. These builds leverage the accumulated advantages Juxtapose has developed as the largest investment firm focused exclusively on business-building, and make up the majority of our portfolio.

Platform Builds

In some cases, particularly in large fragmented markets with flagging market leadership, we will utilize elements of the private equity playbook to accelerate the build of a ground-up platform. In addition to M&A or core asset acquisition, we bring our innovation-oriented venture mindset to these platforms through business model and user experience innovation.


For specific opportunities we will determine that bringing in an external partner from the get-go is a necessary catalyst for the business; in addition to our traditional work, our greenlight process is predicated on establishing this long-term partnership day one. Founding co-build partnerships may enable distribution scale, asset licensing exclusivity, supply chain scale, marketing scale or an anchor customer relationship.

Investment Pillars

Every business we build shares three foundational principles

[  I  ]
Novel & valuable intervention

We look for companies with interventions that are novel, valuable, and provable. These interventions are usually rooted in a deep understanding of an evolving value chain. Powerful interventions facilitate accelerated customer acquisition, attract top talent and align capital partners to partner with us.

[ C ]
Clear commercial opportunity

We focus on commercial opportunities that will drive disproportionately strong returns relative to the capital and time we put into them. We believe that the best commercial opportunities showcase both high market and individual business characteristics, including the potential for upside value creation significantly larger than that of the industry status quo.

[ F ]
Positive & inevitable future

We gravitate to creation opportunities that will contribute to a better world, both in the near term and long term. The squint visions for each of our individual companies are important not just to excite the Juxtapose team, but are crucial to recruit visionary founding CEOs looking to leave their mark on the industries they play in.

[I] Intervention: Orchard's technology enables homeowners to buy and sell concurrently
[C] Commercial: Tend's opportunity to attack over $160B of annual dental spend
[F] Future: Nectar's singular mission to rid the world of allergies

What we don’t do

[ 01 ]

We never sacrifice
on talent

At Juxtapose, talent is everything. We have an exacting standard for the people we work with, whether as founding CEOs, founding team members, or colleagues on the Juxtapose team.

[ 02 ]

We won't rush
the process

We recognize that finding, and creating, real enterprise value is not easy, and takes time. We’re prepared to invest the years needed to both explore an opportunity and to create the value once greenlit.

[ 03 ]

We never
cut corners

We leave no stone unturned in our diligence process, and demand a high level of conviction for every business we greenlight. Touching bottom on both concept and talent is a must for everything we do.

[ 04 ]

We won't proceed
without edge

We require deep conviction around real, sustainable advantages to Juxtapose’s involvement in a business where they’ll be mandatory for success. To do few things well requires doing those few things right.

Proof by Numbers

Our differential process is translating into differentiated outcomes

30+ companies

Built or co-built by Juxtapose partners over the past two decades.

100% graduation

Track record of Juxtapose-launched companies (seed-equivalent or later) raising Series B or beyond ($15M+ of capital).

1 / 500

The ratio of greenlit businesses to observations that have entered Juxtapose's concept development process.


Number of ethnographic, primary survey, and direct customer interviews done in an average greenlight dig.

25+ years

Experience level of the median founding CEO before they decide to partner with Juxtapose.


The Juxtapose