Melissa Eamer
Ross Jacobson
Google Ventures, Oak HC/FT

Modern Age, founded by CEO Melissa Eamer and Juxtapose, was meant to add millions of years of healthy life expectancy to the world. The company’s medical team used the latest scientific research, combined with evidence-backed treatments, to proactively address the most frustrating and underdiagnosed impacts of aging. The company took an omnichannel approach to be able to support you with their services - whether purely digital, in their flagship clinics, or via hybrid consultations. Modern Age believed everyone deserves a personalized plan to reach their physical and mental peak and live healthier longer. The company’s flagship offering iswasthe Aging Wellness Assessment which included a blood panel that looked at everything from hormones to stress levels to determine what treatments were best for you. The company offered treatments that ranged from microneedling and hydrafacial to IV drip therapy and pelvic floor therapy, as well as digital technology so a consumer can track the impact of the work being done. Inspired by research that shows that feeling younger helps people live longer, Modern Age built the most trusted longevity platform in the world—a place for aging well.

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founding CEO

Melissa Eamer

Melissa joined Juxtapose to found Modern Age after serving as COO of Glossier. Prior to that, she spent two decades at Amazon, where she worked alongside Amazon's Consumer CEO Jeff Wilke as Chief of Staff and Technical Advisor. Melissa is passionate about helping people better understand the aging process and improve their wellness throughout.


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Melissa Eamer

"We all age, but few of us understand how to age better - what steps we can take to increase our healthspan and thrive in the second half of our lives. My vision is to provide a clinical approach to aging, adding millions of years of healthy life expectancy to the world."

Modern Age
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Helping people age on their own terms

We partnered with Melissa to found a technology-forward longevity business that will completely transform the way people age. Modern Age is building the first aging wellness platform to help people live longer, healthier lives by giving them the tools to take control of their aging journey—with access to high-tech digital tools, guidance from world-class medical professionals, and frictionless online and in person experiences. Melissa was previously COO of beauty unicorn Glossier, and spent over 19 years at Amazon, most recently as Vice President of Amazon Devices.

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Melissa before Modern Age

My path to founding Modern Age spans three decades of work in both early stage and scaled customer-focused businesses. After receiving my MBA from Ross, I joined Amazon in early 2000. Over the next 19 years I held many different roles across both retail leadership and product development. I grew P&Ls from less than $1B to greater than $12B in annual revenue and hold several patents for inventions developed as part of my work. I served as Chief of Staff to the CEO of the Amazon Consumer business. In my last role at Amazon, I served as Vice President of Amazon Devices, where I managed a team of over 800 people across engineering, product management, branding, marketing, demand planning and retail partnerships. My time at Amazon afforded me a phenomenal education on inventing and scaling, but after almost 20 years I was eager to get back to an earlier stage business so I left Amazon to serve as the COO for Glossier. Founded in 2014, Glossier is widely touted as one of the earliest breakout successes of the DTC model, and raised its Series E at a $1.8 billion valuation. At Glossier, I led the teams responsible for ecommerce technology, offline retail development, digital innovation and revenue generation. While I loved being back at an earlier stage company, I realized how important the mission of longevity and healthy aging was to me personally, so I left to start what would become Modern Age.

Career Highlights


Joined Glossier as COO, overseeing the growth-driving parts of the business as it scaled.


Began to serve as Chief of Staff and Technical Adviser to Amazon's Consumer CEO Jeff Wilke, responsible for the Consumer Operating Plan.


Launched and managed Amazon's Canadian website, including selection, pricing and country-level P&L.


Built and launched Look Inside The Book, allowing customers to preview books online long before digital books were commonplace, still a feature on Amazon's site.