Category-defining businesses, built in conjunction with best-in-class leaders.


Our portfolio

innovative business models

Our companies create commercial opportunity by leveraging business models with attractive unit economics in large, fragmented industries, providing upside larger than the existing status quo.

leading customer experiences

Our companies thrive at solving valuable problems for customers with cutting-edge technology and design, based on deep understanding of where existing solutions fall short or are nonexistent.

accumulated advantages

Our companies bring edge to their respective industries through access to anchor customers, top-tier talent and deep relationships with advisors and capital partners.

Tech Services

[Atmosphere] is an integrated managed services provider platform that is bringing together the best of scaled IT infrastructure with the power of a tightly integrated cybersecurity offering. By combining a high-performant IT services bundle with cybersecurity capabilities (increasingly table stakes for SMBs), [Atmosphere] aspires to be the one-stop-shop for the modern small business technology needs.


Care/of brought a personalized approach to nutrition, helping millions of Americans improve their wellness by supporting their unique health goals. Care/of started with the observation that people are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of noise and confusion in their supplementation journey, and helped them understand their own bodies and the find the right products to fit their unique needs.


[Corduroy] is transforming primary care for low-income, vulnerable populations through the combination of high-quality primary care practice operations, a modern operating footprint, and value-based contracting. The company's vision is to deliver high quality care to all, regardless of income level or payer status, and to deliver these healthcare outcomes while simultaneously delighting providers and surrounding community.


Dayforward is a full stack digital life insurance carrier whose mission is to bring financial security to every family in America. As one of the only digital-first national carriers capable of producing and distributing its own unique life insurance offerings, Dayforward has custom developed an income replacement product custom designed to ensure that your loved ones’ most essential needs can be met if you were to pass away.


Earned is the first wealth technology-enabled wealth management platform to be designed specifically around physicians. Despite being high earners, and having a consistent set of needs and painpoints, financial stress is the second leading cause of burnout among physicians . Earned is designed, from the ground up, to serve the specific and unique needs of physicians alone, including understanding the ins and outs of their careers and offering personalized pathways for managing their wealth, and lives, through retirement.


[Evergreen] is a tech-enabled care provider designed to identify, engage and improve the lives of the complex behavioral health population. The company utilizes a hybrid model of in-person and virtual care delivered by its own clinical staff as well as in partnership with local community resources. Evergreen's vision is to rethink how the healthcare system engages its most complex population across behavioral, physical and social health to improve long-term outcomes.

Real Estate

Great Jones is a technology-enabled property management platform that merges deep automation with best-in-class real estate services to make it easier to own rental properties.


Herself Health is the first technology-enabled, advanced primary care franchise that is built by women for women, bringing keen insight and empathy to women over 65.


Kite focused on creating a new "every channel" commerce platform designed to support digital-first product brands in developing the infrastructure and technologies they need to scale their businesses.


Lanai is a first-of-its-kind software platform to help enterprises safely and securely leverage AI in the workplace. The rapid rise of AI models and applications has introduced both profound benefits for productivity and innovation, as well as profound risks for data security and compliance. Lanai helps enterprises lean into AI by serving as a verticalized control center which surfaces sanctioned and shadow AI usage, protects against risks before they occur, and drives adoption of best practices across the workforce as companies pioneer their AI strategy.


Modern Age was a technology-first consumer health platform which offered evidence-backed treatments that addressed aging's most frustrating and under-diagnosed impacts, enabling Americans to age well, and on their own terms.


Nectar is a comprehensive, vertically-integrated allergy platform with immunotherapy at the core, all in support of its mission to help relieve the 120 million Americans who suffer from allergies.

Real Estate

Orchard is a technology real estate platform founded with the mission to revolutionize the home transaction experience from search to close. Orchard's vision is to enable customers to manage their entire experience, from selling their existing home to buying their next one, through one simple digital platform. Orchard is putting the customer first, and by vertically integrating the experience, is able to rid the experience of the traditional inefficiencies of the experience.


Tend is the first dental experience that patients actually look forward to. By leveraging top consumer technology, modern processes, and best-in-class dentists, Tend sets the standard for oral health by providing dentistry the way it should be - hassle-free, personalized, and straightforward, with a focus on patient delight. The company now operates dozens of studios (with hundreds of dentists) with a singular mission to help America improve their oral health.


Wisdom is an AI-enabled, networked financial operating system designed specifically for small healthcare owners. Wisdom is built from the ground up to serve as the custodian for all transactions and interactions between payers, providers and patients, enabling dental practice owners and operators to maximize business outcomes through efficient revenue generation and payment collection.

Home Services

Zephyr is a vertically-integrated home services platform build that is taking a hands-on partner approach offering resources, technology, knowledge, and experience focused on improving consumer HVAC outcomes. By both acquiring and prioritizing technicians and their biggest issues + opportunities, and implementing technology and consumer experience interventions across the technician journey, Zephyr aims to to make homes run better together.