The art and science of collaborative company creation.

Our capabilities

Where investment rigor meets business building

Where investment rigor meets business building

  • Concept Development

    We combine the depth and patience of fundamental, long-arc investment research with the pragmatism of company building. Our processes are designed to uncover opportunities that have significantly asymmetric upside with mitigated risk.

  • User Research and Design

    We leverage our unique mix of user-oriented and design capabilities to garner a deep understanding of the constituencies at the heart of each concept. We are able to design, test and validate solutions that address their most pressing pain points.

  • Founding Talent

    We combine rigorous, analytical talent processes with human-centered, long-term oriented relationship building in a demanding process that helps us assess (and then attract and retain) the highest quality leaders for our founding teams.

  • Capital Partnering

    In addition to our institutional investment fund, we bring a deep understanding (and relationships) within the multi-stage investing ecosystem, and develop unique capital strategies that bend the risk-return curve for our companies.

  • Accumulated Advantages

    We support our founding CEOs and teams with a uniquely large set of capabilities focused on a small group of companies; as co-founders in the business, we are there through thick and thin.

Our History

Since our inception in 2015, we've taken a hands-on approach to building



Called on a hundred friends and family to support the launch of "Beets," the test product that acted as the beta for the official launch of Care/of.



Reviewed tens of thousands of land deeds and real estate transactions in Maricopa County before greenlighting Orchard (then known as Project Scorpion).



Interviewed, shadowed and surveyed hundreds of dentists in New York City before launching "Stella Dental," our first prototype of a Tend dental office.



Got to know 300+ physicians, including details about their financial journeys, before launching Earned (then known as Project Vital).



Heard from 175+ HVAC technicians about the challenges they face in the trade before greenlighting Zephyr, our platform build to empower them.



Gave new meaning to our "building" approach by chipping away at over 25 ice sculptures during our winter strategy offsite.

Working Style

A consistent philosophy for everything we do

[ 01 ]

Touching bottom

We aim to do whatever it takes to build deeply held conviction in a concept, including the work required to understand the atomic level of data supporting any key insight.

[ 02 ]

Spectrum of strengths

While we believe deeply in the power of specialization and self-direction, we also know that the most powerful insights are surfaced at the juxtaposition of experience and perspective.

[ 03 ]

Beginner's mindset

No matter how familiar a challenge or opportunity, we aim to take an outsider’s lens to understanding a concept, and to bring a fresh set of eyes to an industry or situation.

[ 04 ]

Empathy as a superpower

While we believe in the power of rigorous analysis, we also know that caring deeply about the human experience sets us apart.


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