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Founded by CEO Kristen Helton and Juxtapose in 2022, Herself Health is a healthcare technology company designed to deliver advanced primary care to women over 65 enrolled in Medicare and soon, Medicare Advantage. Today, women are misdiagnosed at higher rates than men, take longer to diagnose, and often express frustration at not feeling heard. Herself Health is built by women for women, bringing keen insight and empathy to traditional primary care. The company links women’s health goals with their life goals, taking into account a patient’s physical, mental, social, sexual, and spiritual needs, targeting common concerns like bone health, weight loss, and emotional well-being. The company hires top providers and trains them in geriatrics, delivering value-based care focused on patient outcomes. Herself Health is taking an omnichannel approach, starting with the launch of its first clinic in Minneapolis, MN.

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founding CEO

Kristen Helton

Kristen founded Herself Health as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide personalized, preventative health and wellness for women 65 and up, especially in the context of the industry shift to value-based care. Kristen came from Amazon, where she founded and led Amazon Care, their breakthrough virtual primary care business. Prior to that, Kristen co-founded and led product at Profusa.


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Kristen Helton

"What excited me about the opportunity was the chance to design a healthcare experience for women 65+. Our focus on this demographic will allow us to craft a truly unique experience, and a value-based care reimbursement model incentives us to spend time on preventive health and wellness."

Herself Health
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Healthcare for women growing bolder

We partnered with Kristen to build an Advanced Primary Care platform focused on transforming the health and wellness paradigm for women 65+. We found that many women don't feel understood in the clinical setting, where their needs are overlooked, misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Kristen's experience in healthcare provided the best vantage point from which to build an omnichannel experience for them from the ground up, leveraging technology to deliver care in a value-based context. Kristen was previously the founding leader of Amazon Care, building a business serving hundreds of thousands of patient, and prior to that co-founded Profusa. Kristen is a trained scientist, having received a PhD in bioengineering.

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Kristen before Herself Health

I've spent my career bridging technology to patient care. From clinical diagnostics and implantable biosensors, to telemedicine and connected devices, I bring a unique set of experiences to building modern, patient-focused healthcare delivery. Previously, I co-founded the biosensor company Profusa, as well as founded and led Amazon's first foray into healthcare services, Amazon Care. Amazon Care was designed to deliver convenient, patient-focused virtual and in-home healthcare. Care's on-demand service was built first for Amazon employees, and then expanded to serve other employers and their workforces. Under my leadership, Care grew from an idea, to virtual care in 50 states and in-home care in 15 cities with over 100k patients. Care boasted one of the highest ratings for healthcare services, with customer satisfaction at 4.7 out of 5 during my tenure. At the helm of Herself Health, I'm remaining focused on patient-centered, value-based care models that will drastically improve the patient experience and improve outcomes.

Career Highlights


Introduced through Juxtapose to Julia Scully and members of the Project Sunrise team building out the first prototype for a woman-focused value based care platform. Spent time with Clay Richards and Michael Cline on how value-based care can transform women's health.


Incepted and led Amazon Care, a hybrid virtual and in-home healthcare service. Prior to this, I served as a principal scientist at Amazon, where I assessed opportunities in healthcare, biotechnology, and related fields.


Recognized as an inaugural UW Center for Commercialization (C4C) Fellow, where I developed the concept of a tissue-integrating biosensor. Several patents and the startup company, Profusa, were based on my research, and I served as co-founder, board member, and Chief Product Officer. Along with Dr. Wisniewski, I wrote and led grants totaling north of $20M to support the development and commercialization of the sensor platform.


Developed the first point-of-care, real-time PCR instrument, the GeneXpert, while working as a systems integration engineer for startup Cepheid. I was instrumental in securing a $200M award from the USPS for rapid screening of bacillus anthracis in sorting facilities and other foundational work leading to Cepheid’s IPO in 2000.