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Earned, founded in 2021 by CEO John Clendening and Juxtapose, is creating a new category of wealth management with the first comprehensive, tech-enabled wealth system built exclusively for physicians. Physicians face extremely unique financial circumstances and opportunities throughout their careers, from residency through retirement. Using a physician’s career journey as a lens for the company’s data-driven financial recommendations, Earned helps physicians capitalize on the specific opportunities available to them, rather than be burdened by financial complexity. Financial stress is the second leading cause of burnout among physicians, even though they’re in the top 5% of earners and represent almost a quarter of wealth in the country. Earned’s centralized approach maximizes physicians’ wealth cohesively and seamlessly, helping physicians earn more, invest smarter, and avoid losses. Earned is investing heavily to build out its wealth engine, powered by predictive algorithms that enable Earned’s Certified Financial Planners to deliver reliably better, and deeply personalized, financial outcomes - and to over time be the only financial relationship physicians need.

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founding CEO

John Clendening

John brought decades of wealth management experience with him when founding Earned with Juxtapose. Prior to Earned, John most recently served as CEO of Blucora, a leading tax-oriented wealth management technology business, and prior to that, spent over a decade as one of the senior-most executives at Charles Schwab, leading Schwab Bank and driving over $1 billion in incremental revenue. John also has significant fintech board experience, having served on the boards of Silicon Valley Bank (NASDAQ: SIVB) and Betterment.


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John Clendening

"Wealth management has been one-size-fits-all for too long. It was clear to me that, with a completely clean sheet approach and proprietary technology, you could better serve consumers by focusing on their unique needs. Our approach to serving physicians, based on their unique needs and meeting them where they are, will make us the most performant player in the business, by far."

Year Founded
Building brighter financial futures for physicians

We partnered with John Clendening with the vision of radically changing the way financial advice and wealth management is offered to Americans in order to accelerate wealth creation: serving them exclusively based on their unique career verticals, starting with physicians. Earned will be the world’s first technology-centric, verticalized financial advisory firm. John spent over a decade as one of the senior most executives at Charles Schwab, running Charles Schwab bank, and was also the CEO of Blucora, a publicly traded financial technology company. John has significant experience as a public and private company board member, including service with Silicon Valley Bank and Betterment.

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John before Earned

In an odd way, my path to Earned started twenty-five years ago while at a short stint heading up marketing at a consumer bank. Having come from a branded consumer good background I was shocked to see how little regard these institutions have for consumers, and with no concept of differentiation. After a few start-ups, where I saw the power of applying technology in created optimal client experiences, I was fortunate to join Charles Schwab, where roles there like CEO of Schwab Bank and co-head of Retail, enabled me to develop strong conviction on what needs to be true to deliver massive value to clients - and how even the best incumbents couldn’t really get there. It was a great run at Schwab, a time when we turned the business around and repositioned it to be the very best incumbent in the consumer investments space. Most recently, I was CEO of Blucora - a consumer fintech and wealth manager through tax pros. It was a great opportunity to hone my CEO skills while innovating in very competitive spaces.

Career Highlights


Joined Juxtapose in a thorough exploration of the evolution of the wealth management industry, in particular how serving unique consumer verticals and leveraging technology can unlock value for specific consumers. Fell in love with the opportunity to serve physicians.


Led the turnaround of Blucora, delivering total stock return in the top 3% of the Russel 2000.


Repositioned Schwab's retail business as a full-service wealth manager, besting incumbents like Merrill Lynch on growth, profitability and NPS.


Drove $1b+ in incremental revenue and 40%+ margins at Schwab by reinventing the bank's client and product strategies.