Troy Bage
Doug Hudson, Andy Grover, Michael Stenclik
Addition, Google Ventures, Redpoint Ventures

Tend was launched in 2019 to set a new standard for oral health by providing dentistry the way it should be—hassle-free, personalized, and straightforward, with a focus on patient happiness—all in a calm, inviting, and thoughtfully-designed space. Tend's innovation is underpinned by technology that brings oral care to the modern world. The company, led by CEO Troy Bage, currently serves patients in over 25 studios in locations ranging from Boston through New York City down to Nashville and Atlanta. Tend offers a full suite of preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental care. Booking, paying, and tracking one's oral care is easy with modern technology, a personalized app, and a fully online experience. Patients can easily curate their visit based on what they like (and don’t) through their Tend profile, allowing dentists to provide each guest with a tailored experience. The company adheres to the highest standards of care, enabled by state-of-the-art technology, to address not just patients' oral health, but their overall health.

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founding CEO

Doug Hudson

Doug joined forces with Juxtapose to found Tend after an impressive stretch as founding CEO of several consumer-touching technology healthcare companies, including his most recent stint as the CEO of direct-to-consumer orthodontics care venture SmileDirectClub. Doug is a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, previously starting businesses for hearing aids and diabetes supplies.


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Doug Hudson

"Our goal was to build a patient-first dental company that people look forward to going to. We reshaped the entire journey, with both cutting edge technology and great talent at the center - booking an appointment, going to the appointment, pricing transparency, and a digital front door."

Year Founded
Making the dentist something to look forward to

We partnered with Doug to found a modern technology-forward healthcare organization looking to transform the experience of managing and taking care of your teeth. Today, Tend is building the first dental experience you’ll actually look forward to—from convenient locations and availability, to personalized visits and transparent pricing, using cutting-edge technology and the best healthcare practitioners for higher quality care. Doug is a true serial entrepreneur with experience that spans decades - prior to Tend, Doug was the founding CEO of SmileDirectClub. Prior to SmileDirectClub, Doug founded and sold two other consumer healthcare companies, starting with Hearing Planet in the late 1990s.

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Doug before Tend

Over the last two decades I've been building technology healthcare businesses that directly touch the patient, and treat them as a real consumer. I look for spaces that are built for the professional, and see what we can create by coming into the industry and rebuilding with a patient mindset. The first company I helped create with this mindset was Hearing Planet, the first DTC hearing aid business online, which we grew to 1,100 clinics across the country. Next, I focused on diabetes with DiabetesCareClub and RxCareClub, which we sold to Alere, as well as CPAPCareClub which we sold to Verus Healthcare. Before founding Tend, I served as founding CEO of SmileDirectClub, which gave me my first taste of the opportunity to build in the oral health world.

Career Highlights


Spent time exploring the Project Ivory prototype and running a one-practice "Stella" box with Juxtapose, the first of several in-person dental betas that we launched before Tend to get everything just right.


Co-founded SmileDirectClub to disrupt the orthodontics industry, improving people's smiles at a revolutionary price point.


Founded Simplex, the third largest diabetic testing supply provider in the nation.


Started HearingPlanet after seeing firsthand the lack of transparency for consumers in the hearing aids market.

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