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Great Jones is a technology-enabled property management platform that introduced a high-powered software and services product allowing it to serve all sizes of property owners scalably, from single-home landlords to large portfolios. The company, founded by CEO Jay Goldklang, Abigal Besdin and Juxtapose, brings a digitally native, consumer-tech lens to what historically have been analog property management processes, from leasing and maintenance to property optimization and ongoing customer service. Great Jones's scale helps single-family rental (SFR) investors buy with more ease and confidence across key markets, without the worry of finding local property managers for each property. Great Jones offers a wide range of services, including marketing and advertising, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, and accounting and financial reporting. The company also provides 24/7 customer support for tenants and owners. In 2021, Great Jones was acquired by Roofstock.

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founding CEO

Jay Goldklang

Jay founded Great Jones after serving as VP of Product at 1stdibs, where he helped grow the business from $0 to $150mm GMV. Earlier in his career, Jay led growth initiatives at Seamless and consulted at Bain. Throughout his career, Jay has leveraged technology to improve user experiences in traditional industries, including early-on in trading cards and collectibles.


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Jay Goldklang

"Modernizing property management for the owners of single-family rentals allowed them to own properties anywhere without worrying about operations, opening up all sorts of economic and experiential opportunities for them as owners, as well as for their renters and for Great Jones."

Great Jones
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Making real estate ownership seamless and transparent

We partnered with Jay to found a real estate venture dedicated to becoming the operating system for single family rental owners - combining deeply experienced local teams with cutting-edge technology in the opportunity to transform the fragmented property management industry. Great Jones aims to make ownership worry-free and more profitable for the 25 million Americans who own rental homes, while also creating a more delightful and simplified experience for the renters of these properties. Jay is a serial entrepreneur with deep roots in technology-enabled services and modern products. Prior to Great Jones, Jay was a senior product leader at 1stDibs (NASDAQ: DIBS), where he developed the back-end enablement of the end-to-end platform, and before that was a founder of an online sports trading / collectible platform.

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Jay before Great Jones

I have always been an entrepreneur. Going back to high school and the early Internet days, I was one of those kids who went beyond trading baseball cards to building a sports memorabilia business that did millions of dollars in revenue. After spending my early career at Bain, Seamless, and Stanford for my MBA, I joined 1stdibs as an early product manager. There, I owned much of the development of the marketplace for vintage furniture and design from $0 to $150MM GMV, ultimately becoming VP of Product. I loved figuring out how we could build the right product, logistics infrastructure, and business model to turn a complex, largely offline market into a simple, delightful, and more digital one. While 1stdibs continued to grow and ultimately IPO'd, I eventually had the itch to build something even more of my own at Great Jones, where I worked with the Juxtapose team to apply my skills at productizing complex operations -- and leading teams to do so -- to the residential rental market.

Career Highlights


Started down the rabbit hole of single family rental (SFR) ownership, working closely with Juxtapose to explore the growing trends in SFR management and the opportunity of technology to transform these experiences for both owners and renters.


Led 1stdibs' relaunch as a fully-transactional online marketplace rather than a lead-gen platform ($0mm to $150mm in GMV). Eventually Launched 1stdibs' carrier network for white-glove and parcel shipping, including dynamic quoting.


Helped the founder of SeamlessWeb (now part of GrubHub) map out how to get New Yorkers to order online food delivery for home, not just work.


Founded and grew Gold Standard Collectibles into a national multi-channel retailer of investment-quality sports autographs and memorabilia.

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