There is power in a team unified around a singular mission and aligned philosophy.


Our firm-wide principles drive how we build and whom we build with

  • Be light-hearted with low ego

    We are purposeful but light-hearted. We accept how little we know, and let this drive a sense of curiosity that fosters low-ego exploration.

  • Use process but remain open to builds

    We aim to think and act systemically, but also incorporate learnings to change, build and adjust our process at any point. Our strength comes from our flexibility, and our results from our process.

  • Touch bottom

    We believe in rigor and intellectual honesty. Our conversations are evidence-based. We do whatever it takes to understand an idea and reach foundational assumptions. This is touching bottom. We do this for all ideas that we work on and expect the same from those we work with.

  • Trust the turbulence

    We work amidst uncertainty, rarely having full visibility or full knowledge. We thrive in the turbulence of the unknown, trusting our processes, each other, and ourselves to ask the hard questions while remaining focused on the goals at hand.

  • Talent is everything

    We see all opportunities, whether in our portfolio, our firm, or the world at large, through a people-centric lens. We go to the ends of the Earth to find the right people, for the right opportunities, at the right time.

  • Develop strong opinions, hold them loosely

    We are expected to have strong points of view, but also to remain open to having our minds changed. A new piece of information has the potential to change the basis of what we believe. We lead by listening, are curious and flexible, yet never shy away from the provocative conversation.

  • Own your land and win together

    We believe in the power of virtuous alignment between our founders, our limited partners, the capital ecosystem, and our team. Individual greatness, only when properly harnessed for the good of the group, drives winning as a team.

  • Strive for excellence

    We set our goals high. We push each other, and the companies we work with, to look not just at the immediate opportunity at hand, but to always squint towards a larger, more ambitious future.

  • Do few things well

    We believe there is genuine power in choosing to focus on doing few things, and doing them well. We win by growing strong, not large.

  • Be human

    Juxtapose is a place where the personal and professional coexist. We bring our whole selves - our hobbies, our family roles, our passions - to work and learn from each other’s unique life experiences every day.

  • Embrace the tensions between art and science

    We believe rigor stems not only from diligence, but from the curiosity and passion that arises when you are singularly focused on an opportunity


We're constantly experimenting with the tensions in building businesses of real value

We're actively experimenting with the tensions in building businesses of real value


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