There is power in a team unified around a singular mission and aligned philosophy.


Our firm-wide principles drive how we build and whom we build with

  • Do few things and do them well

    We believe focus is imperative to doing hard, valuable things. Juxtapose’s strength comes from our intentionality, and our results from our process. We are comfortable saying no to a lot, so for the few things we decide to say yes to, we are all in. We push each other and the companies we work with to look not just at the immediate opportunity at hand, but to always squint towards a larger, more ambitious future. This level of discernment and diligence define our firm, and enable us to support our businesses in being uniquely successful.

  • Touch bottom

    We operate with extreme rigor and go the extra mile to build conviction. We find joy in going above and beyond, doing whatever it takes to truly understand an idea. We are driven by curiosity and intellectual diligence, challenge our own convictions, and aren’t afraid to tackle what we don’t yet know.

  • Bake the cake

    We bring an owner’s mindset to our work, never forgetting we are entrepreneurs too. We celebrate the tension between our roles as investors and entrepreneurs, creating the recipe and bringing it to life. Like our founders and their teams, we treat every day as an entrepreneurial opportunity and employ a sense of hunger and hustle to get things done, rolling up our sleeves and getting in the kitchen.

  • Trust the turbulence

    We embrace the uncertainty and tension inherent in building something worthwhile. We actively embrace the ups and downs that come with doing hard things. We thrive in the ambiguity of the unknown, trusting our processes, each other, and ourselves to ask the hard questions and drive toward our goals.

  • Talent is everything

    We work with the best and make each other better. We believe anything can be accomplished with the right people, and put talent at the center of every decision we make. Having a high bar for talent is our biggest lever for success, and we go to the ends of the Earth to find the right people, for the right opportunities, at the right time.

  • Take the work seriously, not yourself

    We keep our standards high and egos low. We are driven by strong convictions held loosely. We prize intellectual honesty and always question the status quo, meeting growth and change with a humble sense of gratitude and purpose.


We're constantly experimenting with the tensions in building businesses of real value

We're actively experimenting with the tensions in building businesses of real value


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