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Chris Johnson

“I’ve had the privilege to spend my career serving vulnerable people on our communities. There is a shocking lack of access to primary care in low income neighborhoods - we are building a mission aligned provider organization, powered by data and technology, and enabled by value-based care to change that.”

Year Founded
Transforming healthcare for vulnerable populations

We partnered with Chris to bring healthcare services to underserved markets left behind by today’s healthcare system. Corduroy’s value-based contracting model helps it deliver positive outcomes while simultaneously delighting providers and the communities they serve. Chris has an incredible depth of experience in value-based healthcare, most recently as the CEO of Landmark Health, which Optum acquired in 2021. He specializes in bringing modern technology and data science to clinical organizations, ultimately aligning incentives for payors, providers and patients.

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Chris before Corduroy

Before founding Corduroy, I had the privilege of spending seven years at Landmark Health, which was a transformative career experience that opened my eyes to the scale that could be achieved in the value-based context. When I joined, I was energized by the challenge of expanding the business model the New England market and quickly realized how the business’s embrace of technology would enable us to grow rapidly while maintaining a high clinical and patient satisfaction bar. Landmark manages to make value-based care work in a way that is net positive for the world, and I was excited to leverage my experience for a new domain of care in pediatrics.

Career Highlights


Elevated to CEO of Landmark Health after the Optum acquisition. Expanded Landmark from 12 to 38 states and quadrupled patients under management as Landmark became the cornerstone of Optum’s national in-home medical care strategy.


Joined Landmark Health as vice president and GM responsible for launching the New England market.


Co-founded Predilytics, which was a healthcare predictive analytics company focused on enabling payors and providers to leverage data to enable value-based care. Welltock acquired Predilytics in 2015.


Started my career as a strategy consultant at Innosight, where I first gained my first exposure to the healthcare industry working under Clay Christensen.

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