Juxtapose’s Next CEO: Stoyan Kenderov

Juxtapose has a few secret weapons: our incredibly deep (many times years-long!) concept development process, our user research and branding expertise, and above all, our incredible CEOs. The Juxtapose CEO profile is unique - they have decades of experience in their field, top executive roles under their belts, and a trail of unmistakable leadership and impact. We live by the maxim “talent is everything,” and we channel that focus and commitment into doing whatever it takes to find and partner with the best CEOs to bring our companies to life and lead them to success.

Today we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Stoyan Kenderov - an accomplished technologist, product leader and executive - to build and lead Wisdom, an ambitious, still-stealth technology company in the dental industry. Under Stoyan’s leadership, Wisdom will work to make the future of dentistry stronger and more sustainable for dentists, their teams, and the patients they serve.

Stoyan brings over 25 years of success building new products and transforming organizations into customer-obsessed teams that drive growth and profitability. His deep expertise runs the gamut from fintech to payments to SaaS across consumer, SMB, and Fortune 100 Enterprise sectors. He takes a full-stack approach to company leadership, whether it’s an early-stage company or billion dollar business, by channeling his experience across engineering, product, marketing, and sales into every decision. Most recently, as COO of business payments platform Plastiq, Stoyan led the company through 10 consecutive quarters of double digit transaction volume and revenue growth. Prior to his time at Plastiq, Stoyan held senior leadership roles at LendingClub, Intuit, Quicken, and many other international technology companies.

Stoyan also actively invests and mentors the next generation of startup teams. He has served on the Strategic Leadership Committee of the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the ETA Mobile Payments Council, the Bulgaria Innovation Hub and Village Capital, among others.

Wisdom has been operating in stealth for a short time and has already created powerful partnerships in the dental space. We look forward to continuing to work with Stoyan to bring Wisdom’s unique blend of industry expertise and intelligent technology to the world in the coming weeks.

Welcome to the Juxtapose universe, Stoyan!