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Juxtapose Alliance’s Inaugural Healthcare Gathering

Juxtapose’s super power has always been our people - within the firm, our portfolio, and our broader community. Over the last year we started thinking about how we could do more for this group - finding new ways to connect potential collaborators, facilitating engagement around the industry’s most relevant problems and opportunities, and simply creating a space where builders and operators can share success and war stories with other people who are in the trenches with them. 

Our answer to this question is what we’ve been calling Juxtapose Alliance strategy. A couple of weeks ago, we kicked off our current iteration of the Alliance with a focus on healthcare, hosting an exclusive group of 30 industry leaders in New York City for a morning of conversation and networking. Throughout the course of building Juxtapose’s eight (and counting) healthcare companies, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many fascinating leaders in this space, and we were excited to bring them together to see old friends and make new connections.

The day was anchored by a series of interactive presentations, including a Q&A with CEO Chris Johnson and COO Rachel Wilson of Project Corduroy (our soon-to-be-public-facing Juxtapose portfolio company in the pediatrics space), a panel discussion featuring Erika Pabo and Jackie Morris, and a few words from Juxtapose Partners Ben West and Andy Stein on the firm’s current point of view on healthcare trends and where we as Juxtapose are actively exploring. 

Chris and Rachel gave a sneak peak at their new company and talked about primary pediatrics and what it means to deliver high quality care to everyone, regardless of income level or payer status - all while creating a seamless and delightful experience for patients and providers alike. Look out for more on Chris and Rachel’s new company in the coming months. 

We’re eager to see how some of the key themes discussed on the industry panel and throughout the event -  the changing landscape of value based care, the effect of AI on clinical operations, and the role of consolidation in the future of healthcare delivery - come to bear for this community and the industry more broadly. As we continue to evolve the Juxtapose Alliance, we’ll host more healthcare gatherings and more officially deepen our Alliances in other key Juxtapose verticals like software later this year. 

Whether we’re connecting for potential executive, advisor, or board roles - or simply doing longitudinal concept development R&D - we think about our relationships as life-long. We’re grateful to our early Alliance community for spending their valuable time with us, and we look forward to continuing these conversations for years to come!