Celebrating a year of coming together in 2023

2023 - what a ride! Amidst both the ups and downs of the year, one truth became even clearer to us at Juxtapose: the people at your side are what make it all worthwhile. At our firm, and through our work with the talent across our portfolio, we have the privilege of building with some of the most creative, ambitious and kind people out there. The times we were able to come together this year to celebrate wins and tackle challenges head-on made us all stronger, individually and as a team.

Being a hybrid-first firm, we embrace the benefit of balancing individual flexibility with the power of deeply engaged, in-person connection and collaboration. From our milestone events, like our strategy offsites and CEO Days, to our new gatherings like the Juxtapose Alliance Summit, to our regular team-wide monthly team gatherings, we aspire to use every moment to find opportunities not just to advance our work, but for teammates to learn and teach in a way that advances our craft. This year we've spent time exploring the intersection of work and personal across art, science, and culture, from improv and fire-building, to petanque and pottery, to the history of drag performance!

Building hands-on learning and cultural enrichment directly into the Juxtapose culture in this way has led to new perspectives and deeper bonds, and it’s a tradition we’re excited to carry into the future.  Massive kudos to our team - we are so grateful for your commitment to making Juxtapose and our companies ones we can be proud of. Recharging now - can't wait to kick off 2024 with momentum!

Learning improv at our April team-wide monthly gathering at The Pit in NYC.
Juxtapose's first-ever victory at our annual portfolio-wide Bowling Championship.
Lorraine Buhannic, Steve Herrod, and Andy Stein on stage at our Annual General Meeting.
A team breakout during our Winter Offsite at Maxwell House in NYC.
Nate Foulds, Temi Hambraeus, and Shawn Fandel at our Annual General Meeting.